Our Work

See what we make for ourselves, and our community!

Sustaining Our Shed. Enriching The Local Community

As a non-profit, member operated organisation, The Men’s Shed is first and foremost a place for men to socialise and enjoy making stuff with wood.

Once the kettle has cooled, we find the woodworking we do can be split neatly into three categories:

  • Things we make and sell
  • Community projects
  • Featured member projects

Things we make and sell

Shed members craft a broad range of hand-made timber products including toys, jewellery boxes, trains, puzzles, turned wooden bowls, doll’s houses, rocking horses and the like.

We’ll also accept commissions for bespoke items such as mailboxes, commemorative plaques, public speaking lecterns, etc… just about anything made from timber.

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Community Projects

The Shed has undertaken numerous projects for non-profit groups and our local community. If you represent a local community group and think you have a suitable project for The Shed, we’ll happily discuss how we assist.

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Featured Member Projects – Coming Soon

Many Shed members have exceptional woodworking skills. Our Featured Projects section will offer members a chance to showcase (show off) their work, and also for aspiring members to see what’s possible with a bit of elbow grease, perseverance, and the right tutorage of course!

Interested in joining The Men’s Shed?

Send us an enquiry, or simply visit during opening hours and chat with a Duty Supervisor and with members. You will be made most welcome!